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  Are 99% of drive-buyers ignoring your house...

... or are you ignoring them?



The sign at the street invites (better than a 'for sale' sign)

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     100ís of people drive by your house every day (Look! There goes another one!) but very few call.  99% of them donít know anything about your house, and 99% is too many people to ignore!

     If youíre not getting your fair share of showings and full-price offers, itís not because your house is ugly, the market is slow, the weather is bad...
youíre simply not telling enough people about it.

     Selling real estate is Ďa numbers gameí.  If you have multiple buyers, your price goes up and you close faster.  (The opposite is also true: few showings = few offers = reduced, desperation price.)  Unless youĎre planning to give your house away in a desperation sale, the key is to attract more buyers.

     If you could talk to every one of those 100s of people driving by...
 1)  What 3 features about your house would you be sure to mention?
 2)   Are you offering a special price, or other incentive thatís different from the other houses nearby?
 3)  Are appliances, or furniture, or a painting/carpet allowance included?
 4)   Does your house need some minor repairs, or is it ready to move right in?
 5)  Is the inside of your house even more attractive than the outside?  Why?

     If you could talk to 99 times more people than you do now, how much sooner will you close, at full price?

Plan B: drop your (profit) price another $10,000.

Buyers don't beg any more.



Ask about additional Smart Real Estate Tools

  • Panoramic photographs: Very wide angle views
    present the entirety of a room without warping.  Great for your own print brochures or web site.
  • Full-motion Virtual Tours: 360-degree rotating views from several angles, without the weird warping seen on on discount sites.  Ideal for higher-end properties not suited for multiple visitors, and vacancies.
  • Aerial photography:  Using an unmanned blimp flying below 1000 feet (the minimum for airplanes) allows for especially gorgeous, large-acreage and waterfront property pictures. Commercial and industrial property is showcased best from these views.
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