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How individual sellers use the Talking House FM Radio Tour

     Research has shown that home buyers choose the home they want by first driving around the area they want to live in, typically for 53 days, before they “get serious”. Their friends, family, and co-workers are helping them look, too. The process of having to call every FSBO seller is stressful for the buyers, and the majority will ultimately give up and hire a real estate agent. As you’ve probably discovered, most real estate agents prefer to avoid FSBO sellers completely.

     Unfortunately, most FSBO sellers end up selling at a sharply reduced, desperation price (often to an agent with a 3% commission, paid from your pocket).  Not because their house is ugly, but because they had not attracted enough buyers with print advertising and an internet web page.  Those tools are good for getting someone (who had not already noticed your house when driving around) to discover your house and drive by.

Unless your house can “sell itself” by having a buyer stare at it, you need to Tell To Sell.

   With a Talking House FM Radio Tour your house gets the advantage of telling absolutely every one of the the buyers (and their friends, family and co-workers) ALL the important details that make your house better than the many others close by. Not just the copy-cat statistics (# of B/Rs or SqFt) that are nearly the same for all the houses in the neighborhood. The real beauties of your home, the real reasons that people will want to buy it, are the subtle pleasures that you have discovered while living there.  Buyers want to know.  Tell them!

   The drive-buyers simply pause nearby, and tune in their car's FM radio to listen to our gentle, professionally-produced studio-quality stereo audio presentation of all your home's highlights and special selling features that can’t be seen from the outside.  (A sign in the yard tells them which station to tune in.) Now you’ve got their complete attention. Your tour may touch on exactly the feature they are looking for as they mentally walk through the front door. The Talking House FM Radio Tour will generate many more calls for you.

   99% of your audience does not have your magazine/newspaper advertisement (and they’re not going to go get it), so they don’t know a thing about your house.
   99% do not have a brochure from your “Take One” box, so that won’t help.

  • No more lost opportunities because the flyer box is empty or you’re not home or your number is lost among a bunch of other notes.
  • Paint a perfect picture. In a print ad you might be able to say "large Living Room". With a Talking House Radio Tour you can describe the warmth better:  "As you step into the elegant Spanish-tiled entrance, you'll notice an open floor plan which makes these 2000 square feet feel like twice the size.  On your right, the floor-to-ceiling custom stone fireplace makes the Great Room a cozy and inviting place to gather with friends and family. The formal living room to your left, with 10 foot alcoved ceilings and rich crown molding, will impress any guest...
  • Better than Sunday newspaper ads. Those ads are gone by Monday - in the trash – but your Talking House Radio Tour works 24/7.
  • Timely.  When prospects are in front of your house, that is the time to sell them. You have only 1 chance to make a first impression.
  • Non-intimidating: Buyers (and their helpers) can hear all the advantages of your house from the comfort of their car - no pressure - as often as they need to.
  • Tell-a-Friend: Even non-buyers can’t help advertising your home when they tell their neighbors and co-workers what they heard about your house.

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